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Pet Geriatric Care

For every chapter of your pet’s life, Bowdon Animal Hospital is here to support you.

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Your Pet May Require More Care As They Age

It’s crucial that your pet receives a wellness checkup at least once a year because a dog or cat’s year is similar to five to seven human years. He or she is regarded as a senior member of the community by the age of seven, so more regular examinations are advised. A pet’s health can alter substantially in a relatively short amount of time due to the faster aging of a pet and the shorter life span of animals compared to humans.

Both humans and animals experience the effects of aging. Natural changes in behavior, anatomy, and physiology are also present. Your elderly pet’s ocular, cardiovascular, and orthopedic health will be closely monitored by the Bowdon Animal Hospital staff.

Our veterinarians will go through with you your aging pet’s typical developmental processes as well as any diagnosed abnormalities. Additionally, he or she can suggest the older adult undergo the proper blood tests and offer advice on how to use products that might be helpful.